2346 Walnut Street Livermore, Ca. 94551 ~ (925) 449-4403 ~ vbclivermore@gmail.com
Victory Baptist is an INDEPENDENT Baptist Church. We are not part of an Association, Alliacnce, or Brotherhood where a council of mankind, other than Jesus Christ our lord is the master and authority for our Pastor and membership. Victory Baptist Church openned it’s doors, on the first Sunday in January 2007.

HISTORY: Pastor D.E. Sharp ThD was sent by Pastor Bill Bryson of Lighthouse Baptist Chruch in Pleasanton, Ca to the Livermore valley, to begin a local NT church after serving under his ministry for more than 6 years. Pastor Sharp loves to teach the word of God: being saved at 5 years old and scripturally baptized at 10 years old; he was called to preach the word of God at age 17. For decades he has served the Lord in every roll of the local church, and under many wonderful and challenging Senior Pastors. In 2006 he felt the pull by the Holy Ghost that it was time to lead instead of follow, going to Pastor Bryson (his sending Pastor) and asked to be sent forth.

We are loving and growing church. We pray that the Lord will grow us steady and sure, so we can be the shining beacon of light in the Livermore Valley, for the Saviour of our Souls. We are an Independent Fundamental Baptist Local NT Church. Standing true to the Fundamentals of the faith, taught the the Apostles by our Lord Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry.  
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