2346 Walnut Street Livermore, Ca. 94551 ~ (925) 449-4403 ~ vbclivermore@gmail.com
Victory Baptist is an INDEPENDENT Baptist Church. We are not part of an Association, Alliacnce, or Brotherhood where a council of mankind, other than Jesus Christ our lord is the master and authority for our Pastor and membership. Victory Baptist Church openned it’s doors, on the first Sunday in January 2007.

HISTORY:  What is the history of Victory Baptist Church?
PURPOSE: The Purpose of Victory Baptist Church is to bring glory to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, by preaching the word of God in boldness and truth to bring lives into personal relationship with the Saviour Jesus the Christ; to teach and learn of Christ and His word through discipleship, fellowship, and evangelism based on the truth of the Word of God. Based upon this purpose, we do covenant together by God’s grace, to live our lives consistent with the standards of Biblical teaching (including the support of this local ministry in attendance, prayer, service, tithes, and financial giving), to be an encouragement to others in word and deed, to know and strive to be like Jesus the Christ, and to reflect in all our relationships the servant-love of our Lord. 

FELLOWSHIP: What churches does Victory Baptist Church have fellowship with?