2346 Walnut Street Livermore, Ca. 94551 ~ (925) 449-4403 ~ vbclivermore@gmail.com
Victory Baptist is an INDEPENDENT Baptist Church. We are not part of an Association, Alliacnce, or Brotherhood where a council of mankind, other than Jesus Christ our lord is the master and authority for our Pastor and membership. Victory Baptist Church openned it’s doors, on the first Sunday in January 2007.

HISTORY: What is the history of Victory Baptist Church?
PURPOSE: What is the purpose of Victory Baptist Church?

FELLOWSHIP: Victory Baptist Church has a loving fellowship with the following Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches
Lighthouse Baptist Church - Pastor Bill Bryson in Pleasanton Ca
North Valley Baptist Church - Dr Jack Trieber in Santa Clara Ca
Lancaster Baptist Church - Dr Paul Chappell in Lancaster Ca
Hopewell Baptist Church - Pastor Mike Ray in Napa Ca

General Directory of Indepentent Fundamental KJV Baptist Churches